Welcome To Yazhini Agencies

Yazhini Agencies is an eminent Exporter and Supplier of a comprehensive assortment of all kinds of Products. The company was incepted in the year 2006, at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Under the supervision of Mr. Thirunavukkarasu Thanakkan, our honorable Proprietor, Yazhini Agencies has been able to attain leading position in international market. His vast market experience and strong vision have helped Yazhini Agencies to touch new heights of success with each passing year.

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Why Choose Us


“In Quality, We Trust” we bond our self to quality in all things we are involved. In all of our deals, we assure highest quality in all products as committed to customers along with the steadfast commitments to the delivery timelines.

Our Strength lies in our ability to strategically source agricultural products specific to customer needs, ensure best & competitive prices and strictly adhere to agreed delivery timelines.

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What makes us special?

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